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Getting Ready For Your Yacht Chartering

Posted by on Jun 15, 2016 in Travel tips | Comments Off on Getting Ready For Your Yacht Chartering

When you decide to book a chartering trip in a yacht, all you could think about is having a good time all throughout your journey. While this may seem fun, you have to know the do’s and dont’s first, some basic regulations you have to obey inside the yacht and of course, the necessary things you have to bring with you all to make yourself comfortable. These include clothes, shoes and other necessities. You have to make sure first that you are investing in a good chartering company with a good reputation. You can start looking by visiting


  • If possible, put all your things in a duffel bag. Avoid bring hard cases mostly because the yacht cannot provide a room for hard cases and you will be forced to put it in your bed.
  • Nights can be chilly and cold so you might as well grab some sweatshirts to keep you warm when the sun sets in.
  • T-shirts and shorts will do. If you’re planning to visit some shopping malls or restaurants, you can bring a few dresses and pants but while you are inside a yacht, it’s better to wear comfortable clothes.
  • A few bathing suits are a must too. You don’t want to miss enjoying the waters, especially in undiscovered and virgin islands you might visit.
  • Do not forget to bring some sun blocks, sunglasses and hats to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun.
  • The operator will mostly provide towels and other toiletries but it’s better to have your own too in case you don’t like the shampoo and soap they offer.
  • If you have a medical issue, it’s best to bring any medication that you might need in case anything happens.
  • There are times when you just want to stay inside your room so you might want to grab something that can entertain you such as CD’s, books and other stuff.
  • Do not bother to pack any snorkeling equipment because the boat will most likely to provide it for you.
  • Do not bring drugs with you. The captain will not hesitate to terminate the trip if he finds out you’re having a pot session in your room together with your friends.
  • Do not enter the kitchen unless the chef invited you to do so. They will serve your food from time to time, there is no need to invade the kitchen and look for foods around.
  • Try to save as much water as you can. Yachts provide a water-maker so you have to conserve water usage and do not use them if it isn’t necessary at all.
  • Yachts provides a power-inverter, so it’s okay to plug electronic devices at home. If you’re bringing your cellphone or camera with you, there’s no need to worry about the electricity because you can plug in anytime.
  • Always follow the Captain’s order and do not try to argue with him because that will most likely introduce more problems. Also, try to respect the crew because they are professional seaman and sea woman who is willing to make your trip memorable, they are not your servants.

Mostly, these are all basic guidelines including common sense. By following simple instruction and cooperating with the team, you are most likely to have a good trip. Check out, they offer chartering yachts in reasonable prices.

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A Different Way to Spend a Couple’s Getaway

Posted by on May 4, 2016 in Travel tips | Comments Off on A Different Way to Spend a Couple’s Getaway

You have to admit that, in this generation, people are always hungry for adventure. People have become risk-takers and travelers, always looking for something to fuel their adrenaline hungry souls. They’re constantly looking for new things to make them feel alive. You can see these types of people all over your social media too from your friends who love to go on road trips to watching videos made by Jay Alvarez, sky diving and cliff jumping. You’ve probably even wanted to become an adventure-filled couple like Jay Alvarez and his girlfriend. But nobody actually said you couldn’t be! There are a lot of outlets you and your significant other could try out and see which ones you’d genuinely enjoy.

Take for example, mountain-climbing! It’s one of the most challenging activities out there but the beautiful view from up the mountain you’ve tirelessly climbed will make all the efforts worthwhile. You have to take into consideration though there really is actual risk in mountain-climbing. So if you and your loved one are not so experienced in this field, it would be best to hire a guide. They’ll be the ones to teach you safety procedures and pre-cautions. Then maybe when you both get a hang of it, you guys can try climbing on your own. The reason why a lot of people find this adventure great is because it’s an activity you can keep going back to. There are thousands of mountains to climb with different amazing views. It’s also a good exercise to increase stamina instead of running on that boring old treadmill.

If you and your loved one would want to experience the beauty of nature and would want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, camping would be perfect for you. However, if you’re not so comfortable with the idea of getting lost, getting bitten by random bugs at night and not having comfortable foam to sleep on, don’t worry; there’s a good alternative for this. If you haven’t heard of French Carp holiday, you’re missing out! You see, Carp fishing is one challenging activity anglers consider because of how heavy carps are that makes them harder to reel in. The good thing about these holidays is that their packages come with lake-side or mountain-view accommodation, great food and unlimited fishing spree with readily prepared equipment you can loan. You get to enjoy the natural habitat of nature comfortably and fish for Carps as a side-adventure you both might enjoy. You both can gear away from technology as well and enjoy days filled with meaningful conversations.

There are probably a hundred more adventure-filled activities you both can enjoy as your couple’s getaway. You can do research to find out what’s in your area or you could simply ask around the locals. You could be missing out on the activities you only see other couples do on social media. Maybe it’s time for you to experience them yourself.

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